Training Course

Shame Resilience

Led by Mike Patterson & Erik Treese

Shame Resilience

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Wednesday, 3 November, 2021 - Thursday, 11 November, 2021


This a virtual training and will be delivered via zoom

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Leader Champions is proud to present this educational program focused on giving you lifelong tools needed to be resilient to shame. This is a weekend residential training where you will be supported by other men. Learn more about what the workshop covers and check out the available dates below.

During this training we will define what shame is and what it is not. Similarly, we will define what exactly resilience is and how even though we cannot become resistant to shame we can learn to live with it in a better way.

We will learn resilience tools and practice being in mutually empathetic relationships. We will learn to recognize shame in our bodies and understand where it comes from. Furthermore, we will understand how we try to avoid shame and how dysfunctional it becomes.

There are different elements we must embody to become resilient to shame. In this training we will not only go through these elements, but we will come up with a practical plan for you to take these tools with you into life- to create and continue a practice of shame resiliency.

Ultimately, we want you to live life authentically and be able to share all of yourself with those around you, so you can create the connection you deserve. In other words, we want you to live life with courage and be unapologetically YOU!

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